Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Existing Promotional Material

Here are some of the CBA's current promotional material. Straight away you can see that there is no consistence throughout the designs. The choice of layout, colour scheme and typography used on the designs all make it look cheap and unprofessional, if the CBA are wanting to draw in new customers then all this needs to be changed. The designs need to be given a corporate i.d and need to become fun and exciting, whilst still keeping a professional manner towards the company.

YAC (Young Archaeology Club) is a small archaeology club, which targets the younger generation.  The name and overall look of the promotional material needs changing. With the target audience of YAC being aimed towards the younger generation, the name must be young and energetic. The current name 'Young Archaeologist' sounds dull and boring. The typeface used also doesn't do any favours for the club. 

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